How to Text a Girl (Four Steps to Make Her Want You)

How to Text a Girl (Four Steps to Make Her Want You)

Hey what’s up guys, my name is Tijime Peter from Today  I’m going to give you my best four tips for texting girls I’m going to show you how to make sure you don’t fall into the friend zone and I’m also going to show you how to set up a date and be sure that she does not flake. Let’s get it started.

All right, so I’m not going to waste your time let’s get right into it the first tip I have for you is to keep the goal in mind. Now a lot of guys make the mistake of just trying to get lol or hahaha or emojis from the girl rather than actually trying to set up a date and see you in person. I’m not sure why we do this but I can tell you I used to do this all the time. So you’re sitting on the phone and you just want to send a text that’s going to make your lap and if you make this mistake you fail to set up the date.

Quickly you’re going to fall into the friend zone, and you’re going to become just another guy that this girl’s texting just to get the validation of knowing that you’ve won her. So instead of doing this what you want to do to keep the goal of actually meeting of the throat as soon as possible in the forefront of your mind while you’re texting her.

So to give you guys an example; let’s say that I met a girl earlier today I’m going to text her now. This is what it would look like I just start by saying “hey Faith its Peter and then once you respond to say hey or hey what’s up? after that and might spend one or two text messages shooting with her, but after that I’m going to go right to the point and say “so do you want any have some time later this week”? And then once she answers that… assuming that she says yes I’m going to move right into setting up the date.

The second tip that I got for you is to ask direct questions. A lot of guys make the mistake of being too weak or too non-committal to just straight-up ask gorillas question. So for example; If you want to meet up with a girl ask her do you want to hang out sometime this week don’t send her some weird text like oh you know maybe we should hang out sometime. Because if you send that then you’re going to get some weird sort of gray response back, that’s like yeah that might work out and if you’re still in the same spot you might as well just go ahead and ask her. Do you want to hang out sometime this week in the very beginning and after she answers that, follow it up with another direct question like “okay cool, does Wednesday or Thursday night work for you”? This will allow you to get to the point and get closer to that goal that we talked about in tip 1.

The third tip I have for you is to make explicit plan. Just keeping the goal in mind and asking direct questions is great, but it’s not enough. Far too, many guys make the mistake of never making concrete plans so maybe you text her and she agrees to meet up with you sometime later the week. Maybe even go one step further and you confirm the day, but if you don’t actually make concrete plans it’s going to be very easy for her when that date rolls around to make an excuse in to flake on you. Because in her mind the plans weren’t concrete they weren’t real.

 So an easy three-step system to avoid this mistake is to first confirm the activity so to ask “do you want to grab drinks sometime this week or do you want to go to a museum with me or whatever the activity is going to be”? Then after that to confirm the day okay cool… does Tuesday or Wednesday work for you and it after that to confirm the time awesome.

Ifyou follow that system the plans are going to feel real in her mind so it’s going to reduce the chance of her flaking by a hundred percent, by a thousand percent and it’s going to be a much better chance of you getting the date and her showing up

 Anyway the fourth tip that I have for you is to know when to let go.

Look man, it doesn’t matter how confident and good-looking you are there’s some girls that it’s just not going to work out with. So if you text a girl a direct question whether it’s to meet up or what time to meet up and she does not answer you then you know give it a day two days at the most and then you can send one more text. At this point and in this text I wouldn’t just say “hey” I definitely wouldn’t say anything as too aggressive because you’re butt hurt about her not texting you back.

 I will just be honest with her and say I really was excited to meeting up with you, are you still down to meet up sometime? Something like that to get her to give you an answer if she does not respond to this text or she gives you some wishy-washy response then just let it go. Otherwise you’re just going to get stuck chasing a girl who’s not into you, who doesn’t give a fvck about you and that’s just going to hurt your confidence and make you feel shitty.

This actually happens with me and my girlfriend, she flaked on me on our first date and then I was like all right you know what? If you change your mind you know where to find me and lo and behold one week later she texted me back wanting to meet up and we’ve been dating happily for the past days. Those are four tips you can use to take your text game to the next level.  And if you’re looking for more steps you can take right now to build more confidence in yourself and overcome the fear of rejection so you don’t get butt hurt if she turns you down. Or you know so you’re prepared to actually show up and crush the day with her, just email for more tips

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