How much s3x should you have in a happy relationship?

How much s3x should you have in a happy relationship?

Hey everyone I’m Tijime Peter from and today we are going to learn about How much s3x should you have in a happy relationship. Now let’s begin.

Everybody thinks that everyone’s having more sex than them. One of the biggest problems with finding out what the normal amount of sex people should be having is that, when it comes to surveys and doing really good research. People lie and a lot of sex for a married couple could be a couple of times a week all right.

But if you have a couple with a low sex drive and they could be very compatible and very much in love with each other. Maybe that couples having sex once a week, once a month, once every couple of months and if it’s not a problem for them why should it be a problem? But it’s really such a personal choice between a couple and they should be having as much or as little sex as they want to have.

But if you truly feel that you’re not sexually satisfied and your husband and wife haven’t been responsive, you know perhaps you haven’t brought it up to them in the right way. So what you want to do is initiate a conversation about sex and you probably don’t want to do it in the bedroom and you probably don’t want to do it right after you’ve had sex you know!

Choose a good moment where you have some time to talk and you know, Just say to your partner “listen I’ve been thinking about our sex life and you know I love you so much, I’m still very attracted to you and it makes me sad that you know we have sex. So and frequently I’d really love to have more sex with you”. You know how are you feeling about that?

Do you want to tell me why you think from your perspective we don’t have very much sex? Are you interested in having a more active sex life? And I think if you bring it up to your partner like that more times than not, the other person will say I actually would like to have more sex you.

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