8 BREAST HEALTH TIPS. (fight against breast cancer) BY DOOVELLA

8 BREAST HEALTH TIPS. (fight against breast cancer) BY DOOVELLA

13th October is a day tagged as “NO BRA DAY” which stands for breast cancer awareness and for all the women who has conquered breast cancer through the years. It is necessary to educate someone, somewhere on the DO’s And DONT’s of breast health tips so we all help ourselves survive.
Stated down here are 8 necessary health tips to take down concerning a woman’s breast and breast cancer ÷

1. EXERCISE: Fat cells produce estrogen and high levels of that hormone that have been linked to certain cancers. Therefore constant body workout can help shrink the size of fat cells so your body pumps less estrogen and to always maintain a healthy weight.

2. TAKE MORE AND MORE CHOCOLATE: By this I mean increase intake of Dark chocolate to be precise. Every woman loves chocolate, and the good thing is, study has proves that compound in dark chocolates fights fast growing cancers.

3. DRINK LESS ALCOHOL: Sure there’s positive health buzz around alcohol but a meta-analysis of 53 studies showed that women who drank more than three drinks a day had more chances of risk to developing breast cancer.
4. ALWAYS PRACTICE PEACE: Learn to tame your tension and to control anger and sadness by taking deep breaths and also watching your favorite comedies.

5. KNOW YOUR BODY: It is important to be familiar with how your breast usually looks or feels like, that way you would be able to spot any changes in time enough to reach out to your doctor.

6. MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES: It turns out that eating your vegetables and fruits may actually help curb cancer. Several recent studies have suggested that eating a lot of fruits and veggies may associate with lowering risk for developing estrogen – receptor – negative breast tumors. Estrogen – receptor – negative breast cancers make up only about fifteen percent of all breast cancers but they are particularly hard to treat.

7. GET GOOD NIGHT SLEEP ALWAYS: Staying up late could result to a greater risk of exposure to light at night. This suppresses melatonin levels. This is a huge problem because melatonin helps regulate estrogen. So it is best to get to bed early and get up to seven to eight hours sleep.

8. INCREASE IN TAKE OF FOLIC ACID: Natural form of folic acid is linked with impaired ability to repair DNA. A damaged DNA has in turn been linked to cancer. Folate as in folic acid can be found in foods such as spinach and black peas, and also in folic fortified cereals. Try getting up to four hundred micrograms daily.

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